Calvin’s Vision

Howard County is the greatest place to live in this country. Always true to our founding principles, we celebrate diversity of background, faith, wealth and ideology through public policy and service that seeks to provide unmatched opportunity and quality of life for everyone who works, plays and lives here.

As the District 2 representative on the Howard County Council since 2006, I have worked tirelessly to protect these shared values, while addressing the challenges of growth alongside aging communities and infrastructure. As we look forward, it is incumbent upon us to promote a future that supports business, attracts young professionals, provides affordable housing for our seniors and those disadvantaged among us, protects our natural resources and maintains and grows the strength of our public school system.

To accomplish this, we must:

Invest In Our Schools

Increase funding for and prioritize our schools and educators, address overcrowding with new school construction, properly compensate educators, provide equal opportunity for high-quality education for every child and attract businesses and families who covet our renowned education system.

Diversify & Increase Tax Base

Embrace opportunities to diversify and increase our tax base while ensuring that transparency, community benefit and adequate public facilities and infrastructure are central to all new development.

Protect Natural Resources

Promote and facilitate sustainable practices that protect our cherished lakes, streams, pathways, open spaces and other natural resources for future generations, while fighting for responsible development.





Authority: The Calvin Ball Team, Roger Barnes, Treasurer.