the blueprint


As both a parent of children in Howard County schools and an educator, Calvin Ball knows how critical the Howard County Public School System is to the success and well-being of our students and families. Investing in education is one of the best ways we can ensure a better and brighter future for every child in Howard County. As county executive, Calvin Ball increased recurring County funding for education by nearly $40 million dollars and invested in initiatives aimed at protecting the mental health of our young people. Other accomplishments include:


  •  Providing more than $58 million per year to support school capital projects, allowing the top three priority projects of the Howard County Public School System – New High School #13, Talbott Springs Elementary School, and Hammond High School to begin construction. This level of funding for school construction represents an average annual increase of nearly 25 percent over the prior administration.
  • Developing a multi-year plan to reduce and ultimately eliminate the school system’s nearly $40 million Health and Dental Fund deficit by 2024, and accelerating implementation of the plan to near elimination of the deficit several years ahead of schedule.
  • Providing capital funding to expand both Howard Community College and the Howard County Library System.