the blueprint


One of our world’s greatest shared responsibilities is the stewardship of our planet and natural resources. The air, water, and land that sustain our existence must be cared for as climate change continues to threaten our environment and our way of life. According to the NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information, precipitation in Maryland is projected to increase especially in the winter, which could increase the risk of flooding. We must all do our part to ensure these resources are available for future generations.

As county executive, Calvin Ball has taken bold actions around preserving green space, increasing stormwater management regulations, setting visionary but achievable goals to reduce energy use, and protecting and preserving Ellicott City. Specific accomplishments include:


  • Updating the county’s Forest Conservation Act for the first time since the 1990s, creating the strongest forest conservation laws in Maryland. The updated act ensures full compliance with state law, increased replanting obligations to ensure developers contribute to reforestation efforts, strengthened fee-in-lieu regulation, and added new requirements to ensure more forest conservation obligations are met on-site.
  • Planting more than 51,000 trees, including giving away more than 4,000 trees for residents to plant on their property.
  • As part of the “We Are Still In” declaration signed by Calvin Ball, the county is aiming Howard to reduce greenhouse gas emissions of County government operations 45 percent below 2010 levels by the year 2030 and reach zero emissions by 2050.