Calvin ball’s record on:


Creating Howard County’s First Housing Opportunities Trust Fund
County Executive Ball invested an unprecedented $5 million in the most recent budget year to launch an innovative trust fund that will support new forms of rental and home rehabilitation assistance and supporting housing for populations in need. Through this investment, homeownership opportunities for first-time homebuyers will be increased, existing affordable housing can be preserved, and rehabilitated and new units can be developed.

Developing the Housing Opportunities Master Plan
County Executive Ball directed the development of a new housing plan that seeks to create more income-restricted housing units and facilitate the development of more affordable housing types. Calvin is focused on ways to create more affordable units throughout the county, and to deconcentrate poverty.

Supporting the Creation of more Affordable Units
Because of County Executive Ball’s support of an innovative tax-credit program, more than 200 affordable units are being built in the Robinson Overlook, Roslyn Rise and Patuxent Commons. Patuxent Commons is a 76-unit mixed-income development which will make Howard County a leader in providing supportive housing for adults and families with disabilities. Those 200-plus affordable units represent a 376-percent increase from the 42 built with this type of credit during the prior four-year period.

Supporting the New Cultural Center
Calvin has supported plans for Columbia’s New Cultural Center, which will be Howard County’s first mixed-use, mixed-income development. The NCC, in Downtown Columbia and expected to break ground in 2023, will contain almost 90 affordable units and 90 market rate units.

Constructing New Bike Lanes and Pathway network
Howard County, under County Executive Ball, constructed 24 miles of new bike lanes and pathways from 2019 to 2022, and average funding for design and construction of bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure improvements has increased to $5.4 million per year, a 55 percent increase compared to the prior four-year period.

Adopting First Complete Streets Manual
Under Calvin Ball, Howard County adopted its first-ever Complete Streets Design Manual in 2022, ensuring that Howard County is a place where individuals of all backgrounds, ages and abilities can live and travel freely, safely and comfortably whether by foot, bicycle, public transportation or automobile. Howard County’s efforts have become a national model.


Improving Technology for Transit
Over the past three years, Howard County under County Executive Ball has implemented major bus technology upgrades including real time bus information, automated passenger counters, mobile ticketing and bus crowding information to improve the experience for passengers.

Improving Bus On-time Performance
Between 2019 and 2021, on-time bus performance increased from approximately 50 percent to over 70 percent and has been maintained at that level. Between FY 2020 and FY 2023 Howard County will have improved 53 bus stops – ten percent of the county’s total – and added 10 new shelter locations to improve transit for all.

Beautifying the Route 1 Corridor
In the past year, Howard County has distributed $250,000 in tax credits, the most ever award, to small businesses on the Route 1 corridor to beautify their buildings and landscaping.

Launching the Long Reach Rising renewal plan
County Executive Ball launched a swift short-term renovation and long-term renewal called “Long Reach Rising” for the Long Reach Village Center after a private developer secured by the prior administration backed out of its redevelopment agreement. Since the launch of “Long Reach Rising,” County Executive Ball has executed a stabilization plan of maintenance, repair, beautification and placemaking. Since 2019, the County has invested approximately $2.5 million in building improvements and reduced the vacancy rate at the Long Reach Village Center from 90% to just 15%.

Advancing the General Plan update/HoCo By Design
County Executive Ball launched and advanced the HoCo By Design general plan update to develop the long-term vision for the next 20 years of the County. The planning process has included unprecedented public engagement – with over 100 events generating more than 8,400 comments from community members to date. Community feedback has helped to craft an inclusive and equitable vision that will be sustainable over the next 20 years.